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Stormwater Storage-Infiltration

Underground storage of stormwater has become very popular within the last few decades as it is an essential for Low Impact Developments (LIDs). Properly designed underground storage systems mitigate important issues i.e. flooding, soil erosion, etc., while allowing the land above to be usable for other purposes i.e. parking lots, landscaped areas, roadways, etc. These systems also eliminate the need for large SWM ponds that take up valuable land space and are difficult to maintain.

Echelon Environmental provides underground storage systems designs that are customized to fit the needs of any site. With a well designed underground storage system in place, the storm runoff can easily be contained and released from the site according to allowable release rates. All of our options can be used for detention, infiltration or a combination of both methods.

Echelon Environmental will work with you to select the right underground storage solution for your project. From the basic design phase to installing the system correctly on site, our team will be with you for every step of the way.