Contech Vortex Valves provide an exceptional solution to precisely control flow from stormwater drainage, detention and infiltration systems. Custom designed valves provide adaptable flow control during the course of a storm, allowing efficient use of storage and significant reduction in peak flow.

Contech Vortex Valves allows a larger physical flow path which significantly reduces the risk of blockage. The design of the Vortex Valve produces a unique head / discharge relationship which allows self-activation by utilizing the upstream hydraulic head. The unit consists of an intake, a volute and an outlet. The flow is directed into the volute tangentially and it forms a vortex that reduces the peak flow rate.

During low flow conditions, water enters the Vortex Valve and passes through the volute with negligible pressure drop. During high flow conditions, a swirl flow pattern is developed which creates an air filled core. This creates resistance and throttles the flow through the unit and thus creating a back pressure upstream of its discharge. In addition, during high flow rates, the device acts like a conventional orifice but due to the larger physical flow path, the Vortex Valve will not get clogged up by smaller waste.