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Stormwater Flow Control

As so to meet city requirements and not to overflow the sewers, designers and Engineers often look for designs and solutions to precisely control the discharge flow rate from the storm water drainage, detention and infiltration systems.

Utilizing the upstream hydraulic head, the Vortex Valve provides precise flow control, meeting your project specific design requirements, and will work seamlessly in any control manhole structure.

Unlike conventional orifices, the Vortex Valve is a self-activating valve which directs flow from the intake to the volute tangentially forming a vortex flow pattern – restricting and regulating the flow through the robust, stainless steel device. The Vortex Valve has no moving parts or requires power, and with its anti-clogging design, reduces the risk of blockage and maintenance. With its large flow path area, the Vortex Valve can control a wide range flow rates from small (0-50 L/s) to large flows (0-120 L/s).



Double Baffle Controller


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Slide Gates