Volute Dewatering Press and Volute Thickener are innovative sludge dewatering technologies which offer many advantages over conventional sludge management methods. These sludge dewatering technologies can take sludges as dilute as 0.1% solids, and produce a cake of over 25% solids. The recovered water can then be recycled into the process stream or discarded to local sewers depending on concentration of sludge.

These versatile sludge dewatering technologies can be used to dewater a wide range of sludges, including:

  • Waste biological sludges (including WAS, fixed film, MBR, aerobic and anaerobic digested)
  • Potable water sludges (including alum, ferric, and PAC sludges)
  • DAF float from slaughter houses and other agricultural processes
  • Oil sludge from machining operations
  • Wastes from textile processing
  • Food processing and wash-down wastes

To discover how these dewatering technologies can be applied at your facility, please contact us at info@echelonenvironmental.ca or (905)-948-0000 to arrange a free, no-commitment demonstration.

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