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The ChamberMAXX system is an underground open bottom infiltration/retention stormwater storage system constructed from rigid corrugated HDPE, making it a strong, durable storage solution. With its low profile, 1.39 cubic meters of stormwater storage per chamber, and designs for HS-20 & HS-25 live loads, ChamberMAXX is the ideal choice for sites that have minimal ground cover i.e. parking lots, roadways.

  • Integrated end caps means less installation costs and added structural strength.
  • Open bottom design allows for maximum infiltration.
  • Customizable design to fit into available footprint.
  • Lightweight no need for heavy equipment for installation.
  • Low profile great for sites with minimal cover.

The ChamberMaxx system can be enhanced by use with CDS system to ensure no floatables and sediment buildup in the chambers, that may reduce storage volume over time.

Due to its lightweight, ChamberMaxx can be easily carried with hands and installed without any requirement for heavy equipment.

    Managing site runoff
  • Water quality improvement through soil’s natural filtering ability
  • Infiltration systems can minimize water table reductions
  • Infiltration is a key feature of low impact development (LID) designs
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