Vortex Valves - Stormwater Flow Control


Continuous Deflective Separator (CDS) - Stormwater Treatment


ChamberMaxx - Underground Stormwater Storage

Oil-Water Separation

MSR Oil-Water Separator

    Request a Design

    Echelon Environmental works closely with our clients to ensure that all needs are met from conceptual design through to completion and maintenance of your projects. Our multi-disciplinary in-house team provides prompt design assistance to ensure that the most suitable technology is proposed to meet the specific constraints of each project. Please contact us at: info@echelonenvironmental.ca or (905)-948-0000 for product inquires or design assistance. more

    Installation Support

    Even when our systems are delivered to site, our work is not complete. We offer onsite installation support for all of our systems, and can provide documentation verifying proper installation. Please contact us at: info@echelonenvironmental.ca or (905)-948-0000  for a quick quote for any of our products. . more

    Maintenance and Services

    We also offer on-going inspection and maintenance programs for our products, customized to fit the specific needs of the owner. We will work with you to ensure long term performance of our equipment, and provide recommendations for scheduling of cleanouts or future inspections. Please contact us at: info@echelonenvironmental.ca or (905)-948-0000. more


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and Services


Welcome to Echelon Environmental

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At Echelon Environmental, we strive to do our part for the environment by providing strategically engineered solutions for a variety of applications, including Stormwater, Wastewater, CSO, Odor Control, Rainwater Harvesting and LID technologies. We offer custom designed process equipment and systems for the effective removal of pollutants such as TSS, Hydrocarbons, Phosphorous and VOC’s. We have multidisciplinary in-house and field staff with a wide range of technical experience allowing us to not only provide our clients with process technology solutions but also to provide strong support for equipment installation, commissioning and after-sales service. more

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