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Volute Thickener

Similar to the Volute Dewatering Press, the Volute Thickener uses a dewatering drum design for sludge thickening applications. Applications of this product include automated sludge wasting from biological processes within wastewater treatment plants. The Volute Thickener converts dilute sludges to a consistency that allows for more cost-effective transport, digestion, further dewatering or storage.

The Volute Thickener treats flows up to 400 GPM, and is a fully-automated, integrated dewatering system which is effectively maintenance-free. Solids output from the Volute Thickener typically ranges from 3% to 12%, much higher than the incoming sludge concentration.

  • Full system for complete process including polymer feed system, feed pump if required, flocculation tank and controls
  • Fully automated with minimal power consumption
  • Durable design with minimal maintenance requirements – over 3000 hours between overhauls
  • No wash water required during regular operation
  • Over 99% solids recovery, therefore producing clean filtrate
  1. Dilute sludge entering the flocculation tank is dosed with polymer.
  2. Sludge is mixed within the flocculation tank to free water from solids flocs, which overflow into the thickening drums.
  3. Solids are conveyed along the drums to the discharge point while free water leaves through gaps in the drum.

While both drums are the same size, the drum of the Volute Thickener is made entirely with plastic rings with a constant gap between the moving and fixed rings. The screw is a constant pitch, and there is no end plate. The drum’s motor is less highly geared to allow for greater drum speeds. In addition, the piping connections are larger and the flocculation tank is larger to accommodate higher flows.

Flows of up to 400 GPM can be dewatered with a single unit. PWTech offers the Volute Thickener as a complete package, including polymer system, feed pump (if required), flocculation tank, and controls. Several models are available.

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