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Stormfilter is a media filtration device used to treat stormwater runoff containing contaminants such as suspended solids, hydrocarbons, nutrients and metals. Particulate and dissolved pollutants are trapped or absorbed by high surface area media-filled cartridges. A number of different media types are available to allow for customized pollutant removal, and different cartridge heights facilitate hydraulic conditions and confined depth installations.

  • Stormwater entering through the inlet pipe passes through the filtration media to fill the cartridge center drainage tubes
  • The float valve is opened as water reaches the top of the cartridge, and filtered water begins to drain at the design flow rate
  • A siphon is activated by the closing of a one-way check valve to release air, drawing polluted stormwater through the media towards the center tube
  • Water discharging from the cartridges leaves the system through the under drain manifold
  • As the water level in the system drops to the bottom of the hood, air passes through the scrubbing regulators creating bubbles, breaking the siphon and releasing the remaining water column
  • The bubbling action helps to release trapped sediment in the media which can then drop to the vault floor, restoring effectiveness of the filter media for the next storm event
  • Numerous media choices to customize site specific contaminant removal
  • All media is used evenly to allow for efficient, effective treatment
  • Self-cleaning cartridges prolong life time
  • Cartridges can be refilled with new media if necessary
  • Customizable configurations
  • Customizable configurations including peak diversion to provide offline-style bypass within a single structure
  • Varying cartridge heights available to meet site constraints
  • Easy access for inspection and maintenance
  • Underground system maximizes available land space on site

Site specific pollutants can be targeted using a combination of the most effective medias for each contaminant. Stormfilter media options include Phosp hosorbTM, CSF® and MetalRxTM, Zeolite, Perlite and GAC.

Echelon Environmental offers Stormfilter inspection and maintenance programs for units installed on your sites. Maintenance requirements for these units depend on pollutant load characteristics of each specific site, with intervals generally ranging from one to three years. During maintenance, pollutants captured in the vault can be vacuum extracted, while refurbished cartridges can be installed if necessary.

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