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The VortSentry HS is a compact, durable stormwater treatment system utilizing helical flow technology to promote and enhance separation of floatables and other contaminants from stormwater flows. The VortSentry HS system is capable of achieving an 80% annual solids load reduction.

The VortSentry HS comes available in 3 configurations. An inline, a grate inlet configuration which can be designed for retrofit installations (if applicable) and combination of grate and pipe inlet. It is also available in 36 inch (900-mm) to 96 inch (2400-mm) diameter manholes.

In cases of flows exceeding the treatment capacity, the internal flow partition allows for excess flow to be diverted and exit the system without the need for external bypass structures.


Storm runoff enters the VortSentry HS stormwater treatment system via an inlet pipe or grate inlet. The water is directed to the treatment chamber through the primary inlet. The downward pipe primary inlet set tangentially persuades a swirl flow path in the treatment chamber. This helical flow path promotes and enhances gravitational separation of trash, floatables and sediments settling on the chamber floor. The treated flow exits the treatment chamber by the outlet flow control. For peak flows, the VortSentry HS has an internal flow partition, where flows exceeding its rated treatment flow rate would flow into the secondary inlet and down to the treatment chamber.

The round manhole structure of the VortSentry HS, results in a small, compact footprint, ideal for project sites with limited space. Utilizing gravity and helical swirl concentration, the VortSentry HS enhances separation, and capture and containment of floatables and sediments.

With the VortSentry HS’s internal flow partition, incoming storm flows exceeding the unit’s rated treatment capacity are safely diverted from the treatment chamber. The internal diversion of peak flows eliminates the need for external bypass structures, maintaining its small footprint.

The system is available in 3 configurations and can be customized with an inlet/grated inlet configurations.

The VortSentry HS stormwater treatment system is versatile and can be used is various site applications.

In stormwater quality control the treatment system can be used to remove trash, debris, sediments, and hydrocarbon removal.

It can also be used for pretreatment for filtration, detention/infiltration, bio retention, rainwater harvesting and low impact development designs.

Due to the design of the VortSentry system there are savings to the overall clean out maintenance. First due to the sump size vacuum servicing can be done in one trip. Also sites with multiple VortSentry units can be cleaned out on fewer trips. The quick access to the sump also reduces clean out time.

Inspection of the VortSentry is easily performed and helps ensure effective maintenance of the system.

Removal of manhole cover allows for easy access for system to be cleaned out. Cleanout is done by vacuum servicing as a vacuum tube excavates the sump of pollutants.

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