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The Vortech system is a vault-style hydrodynamic separator providing stormwater treatment, removing sediment, litter, debris and hydrocarbons.

The Vortech system treats stormwater runoff with the use of two primary chambers: first is the large swirl chamber promoting gravity separation of debris from the untreated stormwater with swirling motion which settles on the chamber floor. The second is the floatables chamber where excess debris remains on the surface of the water level. A floatables baffle wall ensures that the floatables are contained in the floatables containment section of the unit. Stormwater then enters the flow control treatment section under the baffle wall. The flow control section specifically designed with separate flow controls to handle low and peak flows.

The Vortech system’s low profile is ideal for shallow applications such as sites with high groundwater, intersecting utilities lines or constraints. This stormwater treatment system also can be used in, inline, offline and cast-in-place configurations.
With direct, unobstructed above ground access available over each chamber, maintenance of the Vortech stormwater treatment system is a quick and simple process with no need for entering into the unit for vacuum truck servicing. Regular inspections will help ensure that the unit is cleaned out at the appropriate time. Both swirl and floatables chamber undergoes vacuum cleaning with direct easy to access manhole for each chamber.

The Vortech System has been extensively tested both in the field and in a laboratory setting. It is also performance verified by both the State of Washington Department of Ecology (WASHDOE) and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

Untreated stormwater flows into the Vortech system via inlet pipe and into the large swirl chamber. As the water flows into the swirl chamber, a circular flow path is generated. Due to the swirl flow path, solids are separated from water by gravity and settle on the chamber floor. Stormwater then exits the swirl chamber, and enters the second chamber with a baffle wall, separating and containing the remaining floatables and hydrocarbons. The treated water then flows under the baffle wall, and into the flow control chamber. This subsystem contains flow controls that can be specifically designed to handle peak and low intensity flows. The water then flows into the outlet chamber and exits the system via the outlet pipe.

Vortech is a vault structure which allows for easy and cost-effective installation. The system can be used to treat stormwater in various sites with high groundwater, bedrock or utility conflicts. This system can be used for shallow installation depths and sites with high groundwater, bedrock or intersecting utility lines.
The Vortech system has multiple manhole access points. This allows for inspection of the swirl chamber, floatables chamber and flow control section. During maintenance and cleanout, the swirl chamber and floatables chamber can be easily excavated by vacuum servicing due to manhole access located directly about each chamber.
The Vortech system can accommodate a secondary inlet. A secondary inlet would be installed perpendicular to the primary inlet to ensure swirl concentration for the swirl chamber. For the outlet pipe, the system can accommodate several orientations. This allows for flexibility in integration into piping layout on site projects. (as seen in diagrams below).


Access to the Vortech system is easy and reliable with its multiple manhole access points located above grade. The unit can be easily inspected and maintained above ground with no need for entry inside. With its unobstructed, direct access openings, the unit can be cleaned out quickly and easily by a vacuum truck. Clean out is accomplished by inserting a vacuum hose in each chamber and excavating the contents. While the swirl chamber is excavated floatables will descend into the swirl chamber and be excavated by the vacuum tube. Next the manhole access above the floatables chamber allows for removal of hydrocarbon layer. This process helps cut down time need for vacuum servicing.

The Vortech system is approved by the Washington State Department of Ecology (WASHDOE) & the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

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