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The VortClarex system is an oil/water separation treatment unit. While conventional oil/water separators are only effective in removing oil droplets greater than 150 microns, the VortClarex system, with its coalescing media technology, can remove oil droplets as small as 60 microns.
This proven technology is used at site locations where oil/grease removal is critical. The VortClarex is also used where oil and grease effluent targets are specified.

Maintenance of the system is easy and effective. Due to the manhole and hatch access, the unit can be accessed for inspection, replacement and clean out.

The VortClarex system is able to separate oil/water runoff by the use of 2 treatment sections. In the first treatment section the influent enters the first section of the treatment system via a non-clog diffuser that distributes the flow evenly across the chamber width. The diffuser works by dissipating the energy of flow into the system. This helps increase the efficiency of oil/water separation and allows for floatables to settle. The diffuser along with the T-pipe evenly disperses the flow into chamber floor as the oil/water flow passes over the baffle wall while solids settle onto the vault floor. This step reduces the amount of solids reaching the media thus ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the media.

The influent flows into the next treatment section of the VortClarex system. The flow enters and filled the coalescing media. The media attracts oily substances and as the oil droplets combine they form larger droplets that rise to the water surface more quickly. Once at the water surface the oil droplets are isolated from the system outlet. This increases the separation rate of oil droplets and reduces the hydrocarbon levels in the influent. The treated flow then exits the system via an outlet pipe.

The VortClarex system is able to meet stringent regulatory requirements due to the proven technology of the coalescing media. It is able to remove up to 99% of free oil droplets as small as 60 microns and can achieve an influent concentration of 10mg/L or less.
The efficiency of the system increases with non turbulent flow. This is due to the increase in the influent level rising in the media system and increase in the size of droplets.
It is possible to custom design unit to handle multiple inlets. Such a configuration would depend on site conditions.

The system is best suited for sites where specific effluent targets are specified, and where oil is not chemically or physically emulsified.

The system can also be used in shallow site conditions. Since the unit is installed below ground this puts less restrictions on ground level usage.

Manhole access allows for inspection of unit. Regular inspections interval help decide need for system cleaning. Manhole allows for vacuum servicing. Vacuum tube can be inserted and excavate debris and floatables.

The VortClarex coalescing media can be cleaned either while in the system or after removal from the system.

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