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Advanced Air Solutions Ltd

Advanced Air Solutions has nearly fifty years combined experience as designers of HVAC equipment and filtration systems in the corrosion and odour control industry. This extensive design, troubleshooting and industry experience demanded development of our company; Our main focus is the proper design and manufacturing of equipment that provides you with the right solutions based on your site needs. In addition to manufacturing we also offer total system inspection, media analysis and media change out of all your existing systems.

  • Environmental emissions control and personal protection from hazardous vapours in occupied areas
  • Odour control for the protection sensitive public areas from wastewater treatment plant and collection system discharges
  • Corrosion control for the protection of sensitive electronics in corrosive atmospheres
  • Emergency Gas Scrubbers(Chlorine,HCL)
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants & Pump Stations
  • Refineries, Chemical, Oil and Gas
  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Composting Plants, Museums, Airports & Landfill Sites
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