MSR Oil Water Separator

An excellent design solution for municipal storm water, industrial, refinery or commercial applications, MSR Coalescing Plate Oil Water Separators, effectively separates oil from water utilizing the buoyancy of the oil itself.

Contrasting the conventional large, empty, baffled tanks or API oil water separators, MSR Oil Water Separators can efficiently remove the small oil droplets commonly found in storm water. Applying a practical methodology of Stokes’ Law, MSR’s oleophillic (“oil-loving”) coalescing plates helps capture these small droplets of oil, and promotes amalgamation to form a layer of oil on the surface of water for easy maintenance and removal.

MSR coalescing plates are modular and versatile – perfect for installing in a new vault or retrofit into an existing structure, rectangular or circular. Together with MSR, Echelon Environmental can provide a detailed oil water separator design to meet your specific requirement