Echelon Environmental - CDS Stormwater Treatment

Terre Arch

TerreArch is Contech’s multi-chambered, precast concrete system for stormwater detention and infiltration that is engineered specifically for underground installation. With a load bearing rating of HS-25, the fiber re-enforced arch structure is capable of supporting heavy gross weight trucks and machinery with virtually no cover required, allowing installation equipment direct access to the site during installation.

  • The larger size of the unit allows for maximum storage with a minimal footprint.
  • Each modular section easily fits together, allowing for a reduced time for installation and labour.
  • The Terre Arch comes in several sizes to suit a sites individual storage requirement.
  • With the placement of an upstream pre-treatment device, the required maintenance is greatly reduced.
  • The installation of TerreArch concrete system can contribute to LEED credits

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